Nice to meet you. I’m Touffik.

I am a creative person wishing to turn words into positive actions, and I am a lucky guy who's been able to create ads for some of the world's biggest brands, like Honda and Acura.

With over five years of wielding the pen –or punching the keys– as a copywriter, I have worked in many industries, including advertising, tech, entertainment, and media. Currently, I am working at RPA.

My inspiration comes from the blending of culture and identity. As the multicultural child of a Middle Eastern father and Colombian mother, I have a whole lot of experiences that I can draw on for all of my work.

Always thirsty for new challenges. Also, a cold IPA.

Random things about me

You don't know much about me, but I'm here to fix that. Here are some interesting nuggets from yours truly:

1. My dad is Syrian. My mom is Colombian

2. Huge NFL fan

3. Love spicy food

4. A consummated pro at binge-watching

5. Love the 80's, from music to movies

6. Won a Halloween costume contest

7. Festival lover

8. Lord of The Rings over Harry Potter

9. Tom Brady is the greatest human to have ever lived

10. Don't eat fruits

11. Second of three siblings. AKA middle child

12. Have seen Pulp Fiction more than 15 times

13. Lived in Syria for almost two years

14. Libra

15. 2023 Fantasy Football Champion

Much more than the words I write.

I’m not your traditional copywriter – but also not what a regular agency writer would be like. My expertise is versatile and so is my work. I’m lucky to say I get to work with multiple big brands on cool projects ranging from million-dollar ad campaigns to polishing copy for web offers. I’m all in, no matter how big or small the challenge ahead is.